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Women Holistic Energy Healing Coaching Group  

Want To Get Back Control Of Your Life


Is Your Life Unbalanced And Want To Transform Your Mental & Emotional Energy To Have A Happy & Balance Life

29 September, 2021 | Kamlesh Patel

Are You Really Struggling With Living a Happy & Balance Life Which You Know Can Be So Much Better

In this day and age it is easy to lose yourself and get stuck in a rut where you just see life passing you by and on top of that recent times have changed with Covid meaning we have all been stuck at home and even now not feeling comfortable even leaving our own house. This has meant your mental and emotional energy is just out. You are feeling lost and alone and just don't know what to do, this has or could mean leading to anxiety & depression. This could also mean that the goals in life you want to achieve just feel a million miles away and you think you will never ever achieve them.  

You might be asking yourself want can I do and what is wrong with me. Well there is nothing wrong with you but your mental and emotional energy is out of alignment and need to be realigned. You may be even asking I don't want to do this alone where can I meet people just like me or meet people who was like me to help me get that alignment straight. Life Energy Coaching holds a Group Energy Coaching session every month with will help you with your energy along with others who are doing the same. Like they grow together stronger.  

What To Solve Your Issues And Did Not Know its Your Energy That Needs realigning  

 Many think that your energy does not have an impact on your life, that is totally wrong 

Group energy coaching will help you to take control of your life by transforming their mental and emotional energy. As our mind, body and spirit are all energy, energy coaching is a way to identify, understand and quickly transform all unconscious roots to any negative experience or pattern, so the experiences that consciousness is attracting quickly fade away.

We experience energy at different levels of our being. Walking and talking require energy, as does taking care of our physical needs. In addition to these more subtle levels of energy, there is an element of self-worth, inner power, and love. Energy is present in every aspect of our being. Below are some examples.

Our energy is used to prepare for more ordinary tasks in our life. A runner prepares for a race by stretching, as well as finding the energy to run, compete, and enter their athletic zone. Both on an energetic level as well as emotionally and mentally.

You prepare energetically when you're going to spend time with the people you love. It is possible to open your heart to receive and give from them. You create a frequency within yourself when you attend a rock concert or hear a church choir sing together. Your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations all come together.

Your Energy Is a Great To Help You Live A Full Life

In the background of your emotions, your healthy powers, and your actions lies an invisible matrix. The energetic dimension of being is often ignored in modern culture. Our teachers tell us that energy does not matter or does not exist. The key to experiencing new things is to "think" about them. We can access our spiritual energy, the life flow inside of us, as our greatest resource, our source of power, love, and intuition, when we become aware and connected to it.

Imagine this: so many people know exactly what they need to do with their lives. They are focused and determined. They are capable and know what they need to do. They have values and guiding principles. We don't know but something is blocking them. And, try as your energy might, your energy just can't progress that they want.

Here’s an example of someone who has opened up their energy.

Peter has long looked for a life partner but has not been able to find someone. Peter has always didn't feel comfortable about his emotions and was scared to speak about them. This comes from not having a deeper understanding of his feelings and emotions. This has always had an effort on his past relationships Once Peter had been working on healing his energy around his mindset and emotions, he was able to open his heart to inner kindness and caring and aligned his energy to understanding his mindset and emotions. Peter now feels a new sense of emotion and connection.

In coaching the teaching is about long-lasting change that comes from having a new thought, or making a new decision. That is not the full answer.

Under the new thoughts or decisions we make, there is an energetic energy that needs to be moved is another level deep into our thoughts and decisions. That is why it is so important to align your energy with your truth. It makes action-taking easy.

You can also use energy coaching to accelerate achievement of your goals. As we attract what we experience from our consciousness and energy, by identifying and transforming the consciousness that is blocking our progress we can achieve our goals far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Remember before you started reading this you may have felt shifting your energy and living a fuller life was impossible. Now you know that by taking the right steps you can achieve anything.

That’s what it feels like when you have an energy shift. Not only do your thoughts change, but your enthusiasm and motivation come on board with your empowered energy. 


With the Life Energy Coaching group sessions you are able to contact them before the sessions and if there is something pressing or want to resolve or a goal you want to achieve they will look to cover it. If they are unable to cover it do not worry because everyone is connected through the collective consciousness, as well as all sharing much the same ancestral consciousness. So, whatever is addressed will transform and resolve for everyone on the call, typically leading to feeling "lightness", relaxed and/or energized by the end of the hour, although transformation continues for a further three days.